Am primit invitatie pe FB la un event, numit „Romania, let’s castrate & kill all evil men there”.

no, Syl, we are not like them.. i cant join the event
like who Maria? like the evil bastards who destroy everything? You know whe can’t so shit, it’s not literal. But tell me something, if someone beats your dog or child? what do you do? turn the other cheek?
for every harm we make, we suffer some more, this is the attraction law in this world, and i believe in it
I know what you mean, but since God has made me a warrior, I was made for the fight.. I don’t wish harm upon anybody, but if I see someone hurting an animal or child. I’ll KILL em!!!
yes, this is my first instinct too, but i fight against it. if we dont „touch” the evil, the evil will stay aside..
we dont need to feed the bad energy, there is enough, we can go for the good things
it’s very hard when evil is slapping everyone of us around. I try & do good. but the ones I love, NO 1 touches!!
i know its hard.

La cateva minute, a postat asta:
„Ok guys & dolls, I made this event for tomorrow. It’s not a REAL event. I calles for all romanian evil men to be castrated & killed because a 10 year old girl was raped & murdered.

ALL stray dogs are being butchered since september 10th and there’s NO end in sight.

HOW come the media jumped on the alleged death of Ionut? HOW come no one bats an eye with this little girl and I get a message saying OH NO, I cannot join this event because of whatever.

 I’m just trying to show how people are being played by their governments and media. it’s called MIND CONTROL

No, she does NOT know what i mean.

update: 30 mins later she cancelled the event. 🙂